Cape and Islands Self Reliance

Hi! We’re Self-Reliance, a non-profit organization based in Cataumet, MA.

We run a heat & power cooperative where our member oil price is based on the daily wholesale price plus a fixed profit margin – it’s always lower than what the full-service dealers we work with are selling to the general public for. Last heating season we calculated that our members saved an average of $0.37 per gallon off the state average retail price. Since 2011, we also have member pricing on propane delivery on Cape Cod.

Our Education Division offers STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & math) programs for the community including school-age children, many with a strong focus on energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Our Training Division offers tradespeople (contractors, electricians, etc) relevant and timely training opportunities focused on energy including continuing education credits necessary for license renewal.

Learn more about us by looking around our website, or call us for more information. Let’s work together to save energy and MONEY!

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